About Kosh

Kosh Suite - An API Framework for Lexical Data

The Kosh Suite is an API-centric, open-source framework designed to efficiently manage and access lexical data.



The framework's backbone, kosh (opens in a new tab), is designed with the capability to provide API access to any XML-encoded lexical dataset, independently of the underlying data model.


In conjunction with the backend, the frontend, kosh_client (opens in a new tab), brings you a user-friendly interface, built using React. This web application simplifies the process of searching within the diverse and extensive datasets indexed by Kosh.

Why Kosh?

The name "Kosh" originates from the Hindi word for dictionary or lexicon, कोश (koś or kosh), which itself derives from Sanskrit कोश (kośa) with the same meaning.


  • Kosh processes lexical data in XML format.
  • Two APIs, GraphQL and REST, provide access to the data stored in Elasticsearch.
  • Kosh can be deployed using Docker or natively on Unix-like systems.

How to Implement Kosh

Kosh enables you to design APIs customized for your XML-encoded lexical resources.

Each component of Kosh, the backend and frontend, is independent and requires its own setup and deployment process.

Backend Deployment

For the deployment of Kosh's backend component, you are advised to follow the instructions detailed in our specific guide. Access the Backend Deployment Guide.

Frontend Deployment

For deploying the frontend component, we have also prepared a standalone guide. You can find comprehensive directions in our Frontend Deployment Guide.


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